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Everybody wants to dive into traffic on his/her site. But not everybody knows that what trends is going on in 2018 to get more dive and conversion. The time has gone, to write a small blog and use the one-word keyword. In 2o18, if you are a business owner, blogger, start-up entrepreneur and video blogger and whatever you are. You may be updated yourself what Digital Trends going on.
As we are IT Company in Manali so we only inform you about SEO service and SEO trends in 2018.

We are going to explain each and every trend below:
Today also the content of the website is king. You should write content for your site and updated it at the time. You should check any grammar mistake. So, that any user and audience get the right information about your service and products. Content is very important because content clears all the inquiry of the product and service. Such, as taking an e.g. If you are selling the smartphone. You should write all the details like as display size, RAM, ROM, CPU, graphic, and battery information and all. You should use long content which can help you to add everything.
The keyword is also a main part of the SEO activity. Hence you should use long tail keyword now. One word keyword is not relevant now. Now the online competition is very high hence you should use a right keyword for right people at right time.
Info graphic and image:
It is high time to use info graphic photo and image because your mind understands the picture and video better than reading a text. So that audience and use can interact with the site for a long time.
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