Restaurant Software in Manali

Managing a restaurant is quite typical work as handling of so many things at a single place is not easy to process. So ITSWS provides Restaurant software to offer the best services within a restaurant.We use CRM for marketing, HRM for human capital management, billing, reporting and analytics, and inventory management software for holding information about stock in, stock out.  

Our applications are designed in such a manner that all processes can be seen at a single place only. Some of the features that our website offers are table management, cashflow management about how much cash is being generated, accounting, employee scheduling, order monitoring about how much orders are pending, payroll monitoring for salary, analytics. 

All the transactions can be seen in real time as well. Our software provides cloud-based services to manage orders, facilitate payment and monitor performance as well. Our services also include employee scheduling, task automation, attendance status, and others also. We have an embedded feature of touchscreen technology also, so that applications may be easy to use.

 There is a reservation management system facility as well for reserving customers. We give facility of ease of operations, updating menus facility. We provide a smooth discount, checkout, payment, delivery status, orders, feedback, complaints, and loyalty experience. We hold the audience, serve the audience, keep them engaged with our services.

 We design permissions and access control system also to enforce a high level of security. Also, our system provides centralization to manage everything by a single interface. We also take care of scalability to enlarge the business. There is mobility in our system means orders can be placed anywhere.There are quality control and assurance for the performance check time to time and for risk removal. 

ITSWS provides a dedicated support and service team also for maintaining faults and failures in emergencies. There is the facility of barcode scanner as well for identification. Our software helps to generate financial statement accurately and faster. Our mobile ready POS system helps to increase revenues also. 

Within the button click the billing, order opening, the closing can be done instantly that saves time and efforts. There is a notification alert also if inventory is low. There is no hardware dependency also, our application is cross-platform, can run on any screens. We provide the service of orders in such a manner that one order may not conflict with others.